Why We Love Vibrant + Colorful Bouquets

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about weddings is WHITE: the dress, the shoes, a little chapel, aisle runners, décor, tablecloths and so much more. While the color white will forever be associated with various aspects of weddings due to a long-running historical precedent, I want to strongly urge you to think outside the white box when choosing your wedding flowers!

large spring bouquet full of pink ranunculus, anemones, iris, cherry blossom
vibrant autumn centerpiece with snapdragons and feverfew

Standing Out and Setting the Mood

While white can work well as a pristine backdrop, don’t be afraid of using color at your wedding because that is what’s going to make your wedding different. Adding your favorite colors infuses your wedding with your personality and that’s what will make it stand out and avoid looking like every other Pinterest board wedding! Colors can also represent emotions and set an overall tone for your wedding: pastel color palettes are whimsical and happy while jewel tone palettes are moody and vibrant. Here is a quick guide pulled from Canva of some popular colors and their meanings to get you started:

  • Red: Considered to be a color of intense emotions, ranging from anger, sacrifice, danger, and heat, through to love, passion, and sexuality.

  • Orange: a fresh, youthful, and creative color. It has the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow, and it communicates activity and energy and encourages socialization. Orange looks and feels fresh and healthy and can even stimulate appetite

  • Yellow: The color of sunshine and sunflowers, yellow is optimistic, playful, and happy. It can also be associated with mental clarity and intellect. Yellow comes in a variety of hues—from sunshine yellow to golden yellow—and works well with its complementary color, purple. Bright yellow can be used as a pop of color for highlight or accent.

  • Green: Green has two paradoxical meanings—one being nature and the environment and the other being money. When it comes to nature, green represents renewal and growth. It is also associated with wealth, prestige, and greed.

  • Blue: Long associated with royalty, art, military, business and nature, the color blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability.

  • Purple: Purple has the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calming properties. It is traditionally associated with royalty, majesty, and nobility as well as having a spiritual or mysterious quality. Darker shades often represent luxury or opulence, while lighter shades are quite feminine, sentimental, and even nostalgic.

  • Pink: Pink makes you think sensitivity, femininity, sweetness, and romance, making it quite a gentle color. Pink can be vibrant and energetic in other applications too. Combine pink with purples and blues to create a gentle, charming palette or with other loud, vibrant hues to create a more striking, effervescent effect.

  • Brown: The warmth of brown is associated with reliability, healing, and strength. Additionally, many find comfort in the plainness of brown because the color is considered all-natural and earthy.

large cascade waterfall bouquet with white blue and purple flower

Versatility and Stamina

Not only are vibrant blooms much more unique and have the ability to set the mood or showcase your personality but, they will last much longer and hold up throughout your wedding day. Vibrant flowers are more forgiving and the rich colors hide any bruising or imperfections. White flowers, on the other hand, are completely fragile and unforgiving. They bruise very easily so you will have to order extras because you’re going to have waste. White flowers often arrive from the growers with visible imperfections and so it is necessary to order more to have enough stems that measure up to my quality standards for weddings.

autumn centerpiece with a large pink dahlia and magenta zinnas
jewel tone dahlia and zinnia autumn bouquet
garden style summer bouquet of yellow and pink ranunculus

A Note on White

If you love the idea of all-white flowers and really want a strong traditional vibe at your wedding, then consider mixing and matching many different shades of white. From ivory to antique white to pure white to blush, there are SO many varieties of white when it comes to flowers and creating a mixture of the various shades will really go the extra mile to liven up an all-white bouquet. If you’re wearing a white gown as your bouquet backdrop, it will also benefit you to incorporate some off-white blooms so they will stand out a little from your dress.

I am a big fan of adding greenery to all of my designs and a white color palette is no exception! White flowers do very well when framed with a nice pop of greenery – especially dark, waxy greens. I would also advise you to be flexible and open when choosing which flower varieties to include in your designs because, while sourcing 500 white flowers is tough, sourcing 500 white peonies is extremely difficult! Being open to different flower types allows you to keep costs more reasonable while adding depth and texture to your designs.

ivory lisianthus
lily of the valley
white blush dahlias
white tulip trio
white anemone
bunch of white double novelty tulips

The More Color the Better

These days, flowers definitely aren’t the only way to incorporate vibrant colors into your wedding. If you’re a bride who wants to blaze her own trail and wear a non-white dress, you have countless options to create a stunning and unique statement of style. You can also use your bridemaids to decorate your wedding: their dresses can be mixed and matched to create the focal centerpiece of your color palette. Go with different colors or different shades of the same color that blend well with each other. Additionally, complementing your vibrant clothing with vibrant flowers really creates a stunning look and sets a show-stopping tone to your day! You’ll also get better photo content since your photographer will have more colors to creatively tie together.

Working with a vibrant color palette is so much more fun when picking out everything from napkins and cocktails to bowties and socks – it’s way more interesting, artistic, personal. All of this variety brings your wedding to life so, don’t be bashful about expressing yourself.

small summer bouquet with blue allium, coral and lavender ranunculus, and purple larkspur

Preserving Your Vibrant Blooms

When it comes to floral preservation, vibrant blooms are a necessity!

After your wedding, I offer the unique service of transforming your florals into one-of-a-kind art pieces for your home that keep the memory of your wedding day alive forever. Most vibrant blooms are gorgeous both pressed and dried and can come together to create intricate and stunning designs to hang on your walls. White blooms, however, are much more challenging to preserve and often don’t hold up during the pressing process. In the best-case scenario white flowers turn yellow but, many actually go straight to dull brown in the press. Once again, vibrant flowers are much more forgiving and have a much higher chance of retaining their lovely color! So in case you needed one more reason to choose a lively color palette full of vibrant tones, you should definitely keep your preservation art pieces in mind.

It’s also important to have a variety of different types of flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces because it adds more depth and texture to your preservation art designs. I specialize in designing your wedding florals with the preservation process in mind from the beginning to ensure you will receive a stunning piece of art that really captures your personality! Head over to my Bouquet Preservation page to learn about all the details.

With SO many reasons to incorporate a buffet of colorful flower varieties in your wedding, I urge you to dream big and wild! I would love to show you all of the possibilities and help create the perfect color palette that will showcase your personality, set the mood and perfectly translate into an heirloom piece of floral art. If you’re ready to chat about any part of the process, you can reach out to me here.

yellow and pink bridal bouquet pressed into preservation wall art
pressed flowers from a vibrant bridal bouquet arranged into 16x20 wall art
pink roses and queen anne's lace bouquet pressed and preserved into wall art