Elopement Bouquets & Preservation

Elopement Bouquets & Preservation

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Your Elopement Bouquet

should be a reflection of your unique personality and a bold statement of your love story.

We LOVE our Elopement Experience! We source gorgeous farm flowers for your elopement day, then transform your bouquet into pressed flower works of botanical art. Our Elopement Collection includes one of Elycia’s signature stunning bridal bouquets for your intimate adventure paired with a 20×30 modern piece of pressed flower art.

Our lush garden-style luxury bouquets and preservation art collections start at $2,200.

This is the perfect option for couples who are willing to pick up at Wild Blossoms Studio in North Fort Collins and are eager to have Elycia transform their bouquet into an heirloom piece of botanical art.

The Wild Blossoms Elopement Experience

Delivery & Logistics

You will need to pick your bouquet up from Wild Blossoms Studio in North Fort Collins. You are welcome to drop it back off for bouquet preservation, or we can provide you with a shipping kit you can use to overnight your bouquet back to us after your elopement adventure.

Our Booking & Design Process

Initial Consultation + Floral Design Proposal 

  • Submit your Elopement Details
  • We’ll email our Welcome Letter and a link to schedule your 30-minute initial phone consultation with Elycia.
  • After your phone consultation, you’ll receive a custom proposal including inspirational images, descriptions of your collection, and a contract.
  • Please email revisions, if you need them.
  • Once revised the next step is to sign the contract following a retainer invoice that you can pay online to secure your date.

Final Details + Elopement Day 

  • 6 weeks prior to your elopement we’ll get in touch about your final details.
  • After everything is finalized, Elycia will source specific blooms within your unique color palette and season.
  • Your bouquet will be created during the week leading up to your elopement day.
  • Pick-up happens on your elopement day or the day before.
  • Keep your bouquet hydrated!
  • After your elopement, you will need to pack and ship your bouquet or drop it back off to the studio.

Pressing Process + Design Consultation

  • Your Bouquet is deconstructed and flowers are put into the press and undergo a curing process that takes about 6-8 weeks.
  • About 4 months after your wedding, we’ll get in touch for your final design consultation.
  • You’ll receive a photo of your art and you’ll pay your remaining balance before framing.
  • The design process and framing can take anywhere from 1-2 months
  • When your art is framed and ready, we will ship it directly to your home in our custom packaging with tracking info and UPS insurance.