How Floral Designer Elycia Feldman Met Photographer Melody Stevenson 

Floral designer creating a bouquet with foraged and local flowers.
Big magic, Melodic View Photography capturing floral designer Elycia Feldman creating a bridal bouquet in upsate New York
Big Magic, Melody photographing Elycia's garden style bouquet with bride and groom in upsate New York
Big magic, Melody photographs Elycia's son with bridal bouquet in upstate New York

In the Autumn of 2018, Elycia met a photographer named Melody in upstate New York, both working on the same farm wedding. Elycia and her son Quentin foraged the flowers from the property and created the bridal bouquet in a dimly lit garage while Melody offered to take photos of the process. They quickly realized that Elycia lived in Fort Collins, CO – the same town where Melody’s in-laws live!

Over the next couple of years, Melody spent several months at a time in Fort Collins, photographing flowers and Elycia’s intricate designs until she officially joined Wild Blossoms in 2021.

Elycia’s vision, critical thinking, and mastery of all things floral pair perfectly with Melody’s ability to capture and document nature, writing degrees, and overall sense of style.

It’s only fair to credit the magical twist of fate that caused their paths to cross and creative collaboration to bloom!

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