Flowers With Heart & Soul

Flowers With Heart & Soul

Wild Blossoms Studio takes great pride in delivering stunning floral art – both fresh and pressed – while providing a full-service, distinctive floral design experience.

Beginning in 2011, Elycia has created modern bouquet preservation art and fresh wedding flowers throughout Northern Colorado and beyond. We share a passion for all things artistic and love bringing color and beauty into the world. A spirit of collaboration with our clients, other creative small businesses, and local farmers has always been a priority. We are delighted to be featuring luxury blooms that are seasonally available and we can’t wait to share them with you!

woman in a black dress creating a flower swag for a wedding

What Sets Wild Blossoms Apart

  • Premium blooms
  • Refined and unique color palettes
  • One-on-One custom consultations
  • Personal presentation of bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Full on-site design of ceremony and reception spaces
  • Modern bouquet preservation after your wedding day!
rainbow colored flowers

Meet Elycia Feldman

Owner & Designer

Elycia stumbled upon horticulture in high school and fell in love!

She has passionately pursued floral design and the many uses of unique and local plant life ever since.

Elycia tackles each project as its own work of art and receives much of her inspiration from the flower muse.

Each client is a new opportunity to create something unique and this principle shines through in each of her floral creations.

“Let’s Create Art!”

woman in field of purple flowers

An Interview with Elycia

Q. What excites you most about Wild Blossoms?

“I’m most excited about my ability to serve clients from “farm to frame.” I’m passionate about bringing floral visions to life using natural floral mechanics along with unique local flowers from farms here in Colorado. I continue my passion bringing my process full circle by preserving bridal bouquets and transforming them into modern pieces of botanical pressed flower art! Heirloom keepsakes are definitely my heart work.”

Q. Why floral design?

“My first floral job was in 1997, then I stumbled upon horticulture and fell in love. I received my horticulture degree but found my artist in flowers! I consider myself a horticulturist and floral designer, having both skills really sets me apart.

Q. Where’s the craziest venue you’ve worked at?

“I actually drove an SUV full of flowers through a river to get to a remote elopement site and build an incredible fully covered ceremony arch.”

Q. Are you from Fort Collins Colorado?

“Yes, I was born in Fort Collins! I like to think it’s in my blood and a big part of the passionate heart beating beneath every design I bring to life!”

Big Magic

In Autumn of 2018 Elycia met a photographer named Melody in upstate New York, both working the same farm wedding. Elycia foraged the flowers from the property and built the bouquet in a dimly-lit garage while Melody offered to take photos of the process. They quickly realized that Elycia lived in Fort Collins, CO – the same town where Melody’s in-laws live!

Over the next couple years, Melody spent several months at a time in Fort Collins, photographing flowers and Elycia’s intricate designs until she officially joined Wild Blossoms in 2021.

Elycia’s vision, critical thinking, and mastery of all things floral pairs perfectly with Melody’s ability to capture and document nature, communication and writing degrees and overall sense of style.

It’s only fair to credit the magical twist of fate that caused their paths to cross and a creative collaboration to bloom!

wedding florists in front of a colorful circle arch for mountain wedding ceremony

Meet Melody Stevenson

Photographer & Client Liaison

In addition to working with Wild Blossoms, Melody also owns Melodic View Photography.

Melody is an artist through and through. She creates stunning content for Wild Blossoms along with gorgeous galleries for her intimate couple sessions and elopements.

Melody takes great care in communicating with clients and capturing details, be it through a camera or her great listening skills.


woman in front of grand teton mountain sunset

An Interview with Melody

Q. What excites you about couples photography?

“I believe you have a love story unlike anyone else’s and that your love deserves to be tended to, exalted and documented so that your children and grandchildren will know that they came from a legacy of love. Photos on your wedding day are great, but they only capture one day in a decades-long love story. My aim is to cut through life’s busy distractions and bring couples closer together using photography whether it’s their anniversary, a date night or just because.”

Q. What do you bring to the table at Wild Blossoms?

“Passion, logistics and organizational skills. I bring a discerning eye and industry skills to every wedding we deliver.”

Q. What inspires you?

“The beauty of the outdoors has always inspired my photography and nomadic lifestyle. Flowers, in particular, have always fascinated me and captured my imagination and I spent hours searching out new types to photograph, never any clue as to where this would one day lead me.”


It’s safe to say that Wild Blossoms wouldn’t be possible without the tireless support of so many people!

From our staff, to family members, to the floral and wedding community, we appreciate each tedious task right down to the bucket washing, taxes and remodeling projects. Each job plays a vital role in running and growing Wild Blossoms.

We work with talented designers, local farmers and experts in the floriculture logistics community to source the finest and freshest flowers available and we’re thrilled to bring your wedding floral dreams to life and preserve the memories through modern bouquet preservation art.

collage of the colorado floral community helping to create wedding flowers