Modern Bouquet Preservation

Modern Bouquet Preservation

bouquet preservation of colorado wedding flowers pressed to create art

Pressed Flower Art for Your Home or Office.

Our signature preservation process involves pressing your wedding bouquet to create one-of-a-kind, pressed flower designs, mounted on glass, and finished in your choice of wood or metallic frame.

Each heirloom work of art complements your style and is sure to stand out as a décor piece in your home or office!

We are proud to be one of the few studios to offer this unique service and can preserve bouquets from weddings anywhere in the US.

vibrant rainbow bridal bouquet
colorful flowers laid out ready to press for bouquet preservation
laying flowers in a press
vibrant wedding bouquet preservation wall art

How it Works

  • Step 1: Reserve your spot on Wild Blossoms’ botanical calendar
    We can accept bouquets during any month of the year but, art projects are only designed and completed during November – May.  As a boutique studio, we’re only able to take on 3 preservation clients per week and popular dates fill up quickly!
  • Step 2: Make a delivery plan
    Request our shipping kit with instructions or schedule a time to drop off within 48 hours of your wedding.
  • Step 3: Keep your bouquet hydrated!
    A vase of clean, cold water is vital during your reception and after your wedding.
  • Step 4: Pack and ship or drop your bouquet off
    Follow our instructional video: How to Ship Bridal Bouquets or drop your bouquet off at Wild Blossoms Studio in North Fort Collins within 48 hours of your wedding.
  • Step 5: Bouquet Deconstruction
    Your flowers are delicately laid out into flower presses and undergo a drying process, taking about 6-8 weeks.
  • Step 6: Final Design Consultation
    2 weeks prior to your due date we’ll get in touch with details about your project, including a link to schedule your design consultation, with Elycia.
  • Step 7: Design Process and Framing
    The design process takes 2-3 weeks, giving the glue time to cure. When complete you’ll receive a photo of your art along with your remaining balance. Framing can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on logistics.
  • Step 8: Art Arrives
    When your art is framed and ready, we will ship it directly to your home in our custom packaging with tracking info and UPS insurance.
Holding Art In Dresses Collage
pressed bouquet preservation art frame choices

Preservation Collections

Framed Pressed Flower Art 

Each piece is created to archival standards with non-reflective museum-quality glass, framed in your choice of solid wood or metallic frame.

Companion pieces and full gallery walls can be designed upon request, please reach out with any custom ideas!

  • 24×36 – $2400
  • 20×30 – $2000
  • 16×20 – $1600
  • 12×16 – $1200

Receive 10% off when you purchase multiple pieces.

Advice on Size

  • 24×36 – the perfect size to fit over a couch and a great option to preserve extra large bouquets or multiple arrangements from the day.
  • 20×30our most popular size and a great option for preserving medium to large bouquets. In addition a great option when wanting to preserve several small bouquets or multiple arrangements from the day.
  • 16×20 – our second most popular size and perfect for preserving a medium sized bouquet. In addition a great companion piece when preserving multiple arrangements from the day.
  • 12×16 – our most popular companion piece, this size makes an excellent wedding party or parent gift. This size is a great option when preserving a petite bouquet or wanting a set of 2 art pieces made from a single large bouquet. It’s also a good option for smaller arrangements and bridesmaid’s bouquets.
image comparing a 20x30 to 16x20 art design
bride and groom with pastel flowers on their ceremony arch and their bouquet preservation art

More on Size

If your bouquet includes large focal flowers such as Anthurium, Orchids, Garden Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, Peonies or Dahlias, 16×20, 20×30 or 24×36 are your best options to allow room for the flowers to really shine.

12x16s are not large enough to incorporate all of the lush blooms included in a medium to extra large bouquet. This size is best as a set of 2 or for smaller daintier bouquets and arrangements.

Bouquets with a variety of smaller textural flowers make great botanical art pieces. Bouquets with less variety and large focal flowers make great bouquet art pieces.

Gallery Wall Inspiration

If you would like to preserve several arrangements from your wedding, a gallery wall for your home or office is the perfect solution.

We love creating custom gallery wall collections. Commissions are welcome and corporate spaces are a great fit for this work.

Gallery Wall Inspiration #1 – $7200 ($800 savings)

  • (1) 24×36
  • Set of (2) 16x20s
  • Set of (2) 12x16s

Gallery Wall Inspiration #2 – $5400 ($600 savings)

  • (1) 20×30
  • (1) 16×20
  • Set of (2) 12x16s

Gallery Wall Inspiration #3 – $3780 ($420 savings)

  • (1) 20×30
  • Set of (2) 12x16s
pressed flower bouquet preservation art set hanging on the wall over a rose colored couch
pressed flowers arranged in a bouquet design to preserve wedding flowers

Design Options

We offer two main layouts of pressed floral art

bouquet designs and botanical designs.

  • Bouquet Design
    This is the most popular option. It utilizes the most amount of flowers and recreates the spirit of your bouquet using a layered approach. It’s also the best choice if you have lots of large garden roses, peonies or anemones which become bigger when pressed.
  • Botanical design
    Botanical layouts are more spread out with no layering and it doesn’t aim to recreate the spirit of the original bouquet. They are more artistic interpretations that showcase individual flowers. This is the perfect choice for bouquets with a lot of variety and color that are comprised of smaller, textural flowers.
  • Designer’s choice
    Alternatively, you can leave the style and layout up to Elycia and she will design your art based on what will showcase the flowers in the best way. Also consider ordering multiple pieces and mixing the design styles!
wedding bouquet preservation pressed flowers laid out in a botanical design

Which Flowers are Best for Preservation?

  • Vibrant colors
    As a general rule, the more colorful the flower, the better it looks after the pressing process. Whites and pale blush tones sometimes turn brown or yellow during pressing so, the more vibrant your colors, the better!
  • White Bouquets
    If you’re planning to have a bouquet filled with mostly white flowers, consider a pop of color (blue or soft pink) to balance out the antique white of pressed flowers. Greenery is also very helpful. That said, it is absolutely possible to create a gorgeous piece of art with a bouquet that is mostly white!
  • Variety + Texture
    A variety of blooms in your bouquet offers lots of textures. Small, dainty flowers also press very well. The more creative elements you have, the more fascinating your art will be!
  • High End Blooms
    Excellent quality flowers make all the difference when pressing and creating art! Fresh, high-quality flowers are simply heartier and more intricate. They will have a better chance of surviving your wedding day and reaching Wild Blossoms Studio in good condition.
how to ship a bouquet for preservation

Let’s Talk Logistics

If your event takes place outside of Northern Colorado, we will send you a shipping kit ahead of time. Your shipping kit contains everything you need to get your flowers safely to Wild Blossoms within 24-48 hours after your wedding.

We’ve created a video with complete Shipping Instructions to talk you through each step. We can receive shipped bouquets from anywhere in the continental United States!

If you’re within range of Denver or Northern Colorado, the best option is to schedule a time to drop off your bouquet at Elycia’s North Fort Collins studio.

Caring for Your Flowers

Follow these tips during and after your wedding so your flowers are as fresh as possible when they reach the studio!

  • Make sure flowers are in fresh clean water.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sun and store in a cool, dry area.
  • Be careful storing flowers in a household refrigerator, chilling injury may occur.  
  • Flowers should be kept away from ripening fruits which release ethylene gas causing rapid aging and decay. 

More Details

  • Bridal bouquets tend to shrink and often change color when pressed. Feel free to provide flowers from bridesmaids bouquets or centerpieces. Elyica also has an extensive collection of pressed flowers to pull from to complete a full design, when needed.
  • We would be happy to speak with your florist and help plan your bouquet from a preservation standpoint. Coordination ahead of time leads to the most stunning and sought-after designs.
  • Each design Elycia creates is an original piece of bouquet preservation art. We are NOT recreating your wedding bouquet we use flowers from your bouquet to create a piece of art in the spirit and color palette of your wedding day.
  • Because Elycia’s designs are mounted on glass, they will appear to float on the wall within the wood frame. This means that your art really sparkles when placed on an accent wall in a complementary color.


Wild Blossoms’ busy wedding season is June-October and, while we can accept and press bouquets during that season, we do not design and complete art until November-May.

Each art piece is created using the flowers from your bouquet that look the best, have retained their color, and have interesting textures and shapes. All of our pressed flower artwork is mounted to glass and framed by a local Fort Collins company.

preservation process of a bouquet being deconstructed, pressed and arranged into art
bride holding rich moody jewel tone bouquet collaged with her pressed flower bouquet preservation art

Love Notes

“Elycia really comes full circle in her sustainable approach.

Her preservation services ensure that you can continue to enjoy the memories long after the wedding day.

She created several beautiful pieces from our flowers, and they are on prominent display in our home!



early summer colorado bride holding her bouquet collaged with her pressed bouquet preservation art

Let’s Make Art!

If you are ready to move forward, Elycia would LOVE to create pressed flower art with your wedding bouquet. To secure your date on Wild Blossoms’ botanical calendar, click the link and submit our Art Order Form.

You’ll need to provide a few logistics and let us know your preference on art sizes and which frame you’d like. Feel free to upload some photos for inspiration and we’d love to know more about your bouquet or flower arrangements!

Once we receive your order form we’ll respond with a detailed welcome letter, proposal, and contract. After we have a signed contract, we’ll send an invoice for 50% of your project total and put your artwork into our production schedule.

2 weeks prior to your due date we’ll get in touch with details about your project, including a link to schedule your design consultation, with Elycia.