All About Wedding Ceremony Arches

As the centerpiece of your wedding day, ceremony arches define the space and provide a focal point and frame for the most important moments. They also provide the perfect backdrop for photos and set the overall mood of the day by expressing your unique style and taste.

Ceremony arches are one of my favorite floral pieces to design and I pride myself on continually experimenting with different structural mechanics and floral elements to ensure that each arch is an expression of the season and the couple while complimenting and blending with the location.

I’d love to walk you through some of my favorite ceremony statement pieces I’ve designed and introduce you to Wild Blossoms’ inventory of steel arches to spark ideas on how we can bring your wedding ceremony vision to life!

summer floral hexagon wedding arch in aspen grove
steel arch shapes for colorado wedding ceremony

Wild Blossoms’ Steel Arch Inventory

I’m proud to have the following steel-welded wedding arches in my personal inventory:

  • 7.6 foot x 7.6 foot steel circle
  • A full Chuppah measuring 7 feet tall x 8 feet wide that can also be singled out into a rectangle
  • Set of 3 steel triangles that can be used together or separately measuring 7.8 feet, 6.75 feet and 5.6 feet

Each of these arches were custom-built for Wild Blossoms by a local Colorado craftsman. They were designed with heavy baseplates and are very stable – even during gusty mountain winds!

Brides who book my full-service custom wedding package receive a discount on the rental fee for any of the arches in my collection.

Creative Steel Arch Options

Using the base steel arch elements in my collection, we can also use pieces from several arches to create the following base arch designs:

  • Freestanding, deconstructed 7 foot floral arch pillars
  • Undulating floral design growing out of the ground using 2 foot and 4 foot pieces (you can also add 7 foot pieces into this design for extra drama!)
  • The triangle set can be lined up for a tight, full look or spaced out to mimic a mountain range

The narrow circumference of these steel arches makes them easy to transport and allows me to accomplish a very full floral look.

freestanding floral ceremony arches

Lush, Fully Covered Arches

summer wedding ceremony floral circle arch vs. autumn circle arch

I specialize in creating fully-covered floral arch designs that reflect your color palette using seasonal Colorado blooms. You can choose to go fully floral or lean more towards textures and foliage for an understated, greenery-forward look.

Above you can see a comparison between an early August summer wedding featuring premium flowers and vibrant hues juxtaposed with a mid-October creation of autumn leaves and branches with only a few hints of flowers. Whatever your vision is, rest assured that I will create something one-of-a-kind for you…even on an off-road mountain trail like the pampas grass and greenery arch below!

wedding ceremony circle arch fully covered with pampas grass and greenery
summer backyard garden wedding floral ceremony arch

Working with Other Arches

I am also happy to create floral designs on arches provided by your venue, rented from other companies or ones that you design and build yourself. If you choose not to rent one of my steel arches, here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • I will need complete arch dimensions, measurements and photos 3 months prior to your wedding date to ensure I can order the correct amount of flowers.
  • The special slim structural design of the arches in my inventory allows me to be more economical with the amount of flowers I use – especially on a full-coverage design. Cost often increase when I’m adding florals to venue arches. A 6 inch wooden post requires a lot more flowers than a 2 inch! Just remember: the larger the arch, the more flowers it will need which leads to increase costs.
  • Due to liability reasons, I am unable to move or transfer any arches that belong to you or your venue or any other rental company. Likewise, your venue staff is often unable to move or transfer any arches from my inventory.

Below are some of my favorite designs I’ve created on venue arches or arches that couples built themselves!

four colorado wedding arches covered in lush summer flowers

Top 3 Arches of 2022

This season brought with it some fantastic opportunities to design vibrant and unique ceremony arches for so many sweet couples. Though it’s tough to pick favorites, I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top 3 that were the most fun to brainstorm, source, and bring to life! Let’s break down the details of the ones that really stood out this year…

#3 October Silk + Floral Rectangle

For this autumn wedding at Wild Basin Lodge near Estes Park, we went with creams, tans and pops of terra cotta courtesy of some stunning Coffee Break roses. I sourced luxurious ivory silk from Silk & Willow which billowed perfectly in the mountain breeze to complete this chuppah-inspired rectangle design.

rectangle wedding arch with flowers and silk in the mountains

#2 September Backyard Rectangle

This couple got married in the bride’s childhood home and used the existing wooden garden arch as their ceremony backdrop. The color palette focused on greens, whites and creams with pops of seasonal late summer color mixed in. I love the various layers of textured greenery used in this design – especially the willow eucalyptus that creates such graceful, draping lines. The setting sun lent a stunning glow to this fresh, crisp focal point!

#1 August Vibrant Fully-Covered Circle

This bride wanted allll of the bright colors gracing her summer arch at Wild Basin Lodge! The result was a show-stopping circle packed with bright dahlias, spray roses and delphinium. Set in front of the deep hues of the mountain backdrop, this vibrant arch seemed to be bursting into bloom right in front of your eyes!

Let’s Make Art!

2022 was a fantastic season for arches and I’m so excited to see what designs my couples inspire me to dream up in 2023! If you want to create a spectacular focal point for your ceremony, I would LOVE to design a memorable arch that will blow your guests away and elevate your wedding photos. Simply click the link below, fill out the wedding inquiry form and I will contact you to discuss all of the options and details!

Holding Art In Dresses Collage