Elycia at WILD BLOSSOM STUDIO IS THE VERY BEST! Out of all of our wedding vendors, Elycia was one-of-a-kind and our favorite. She is personable, authentic, creative, honest, collaborative, reliable, and approachable. As an artist myself (and the bride) Elycia welcomed my DIY eclectic approach to my wedding decor, and was the only floral designer in Northern Colorado willing to team-up together and blend her expertise with our vision. We already had a lot of bud vases, antique glassware, ceramic earthenware containers and wood centerpiece items – and we had homegrown baby succulents. Instead of shying away from our preconceived plans, Elycia embraced them and evolved them in such beautiful ways. We trusted her decisions and she made us feel like equals by matching our intentions and making the floral design process meaningful and memorable.

From my stunning bridal bouquet and the dainty bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, to the archway design, centerpieces, and everything in between – we were so pleased with the outcome. What was so special for us was Elycia’s ability to seamlessly blend florals and greenery from our home states of Colorado and Hawai’i together. The complimentary and contrasting bloom colors mixed with fresh and dry natural textures made our wedding florals so unique, customized, and unforgettable. The beauty shines through in the photos, but we’re so glad we opted into floral preservation with Elycia early on – THIS IS WHAT MAKES ELYCIA STAND OUT. How she handles flowers the day of a wedding and after are priceless. Our pressed floral wall art and dried floral wreath showcase Elycia’s artistry even further, which really brought our entire experience full circle. The experience working with her is invaluable.

You. Will. Not. Regret. Choosing. Wild Blossom Studio. As. Your. Wedding. Floral Designer. Countless Star Review.