Sweetgrass Smudging Braids


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Local Sweetgrass: 15″ long smudging braids.

Purify your space and magnify your intentions with these hand-braided Sweetgrass smudge sticks.

Smudging Sweetgrass is used for purification of the spirit, and attracting positive, light energy. It’s sweet, vanilla-like scent gives a calming effect when used during rituals and circles. Also called Seneca grass, holy grass, and vanilla grass, this special herb has been called the sacred hair of Mother Earth. It’s sweet aroma reminds people of the gentleness, love, and kindness she has for the people. Connecting us to Indigenous Ancestry, it is said to braid it in three strands, representing love, kindness, and honesty.

If you choose not to burn the Sweetgrass braid right away, the aromatic scent will remain for years

12 in stock


*responsibly foraged and handcrafted cleansing bundles*

Smudges are tightly bound bundles of dried, woody, resinous herbs that are slowly burned as a way to purify and cleanse the air.

Holding the “handle” of your smudge stick, carefully light the end. Hold the burning end over a clay bowl, ashtray, or other non-flammable container at all times. Allow the stick to burn for a few seconds and proceed to gently blow or wave the flame out. To extinguish, smother or crush the smoldering end until it goes out. Never leave burning smudge sticks unattended.


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