Local Dried English Lavender Variety

10-12″ stem length

About 30-40 flowering stems

Add a deeper sense of calm and peace to your space with these dried lavender bundles.

Lavender is fragrant and fantastic for medicinal, aesthetic, and culinary uses. It is used for protecting, increasing clairvoyance, creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification, and tranquility. Use as a calming, fragrant decoration or room freshener or even by your bed as a sleep aid. You can add lavender to your soothing bath to relieve tension, stress, and insomnia, or even make lavender lemonade. Pair these lavender bundles with your handcrafted wreaths for a gorgeous pop of purple, or use as a cleansing smudge stick bundle. Lavender cleanses and creates a peaceful, harmonious, atmosphere and restores emotional balance.