Floral Mentorships and Branding Sessions

As a floral designer, I believe it is vitally important to play around and experiment to build content that you LOVE outside of the wedding content that is strictly dictated by clients who choose every detail – from the color palette to the style and design and even the type of flowers! If you want to establish yourself as an expert and remain current, you need to push yourself to experiment with different bouquet styles, various containers and vases, different mechanics and a variety of personal flowers options and crowns. All of this experimentation leads to expanding the limits of your creative repertoire and technique and, ultimately, offering your clients a wider array of options and much more professional service.

Because I believe it is SO important to play around outside of client constraints without the pressure of a contract in place, I am excited to offer floral mentorships and studio branding sessions to fill this exact need. These sessions allow you to take your education and really push it to the limits and see what you can come up with. Whether you’re just starting out in the floral industry and need an intensive crash course or you’re a veteran who feels stuck in a cycle of similarity and yearns to break out of the box with fresh inspiration, my floral mentorships and branding sessions are tailored precisely to you.

colorado florist teaching a mentorship to new floral designer
woman assembling a floral wedding arch
florist creating a dried pink flower crown

For Established Floral Designers

If you’ve been in business for a while but feel stuck in a rut or are longing to feed your creative soul with something new or hone in on what you actually love and want to keep creating, this session is perfect for you.

Overall, brides lean towards similar designs and styles that are currently popular and trending on various internet platforms. This style chasing often results in brides who want very analogous things – designs that do not allow you to stretch creatively. Don’t you want to see if you can create a $500 centerpiece on your own without waiting until a bride orders one? If you wait until an order rolls in, you feel as confident when there’s a lot of money on the line. Also, if you don’t create something lush or distinctive on your own, you’re also not giving brides ideas of what is possible in your portfolio. When you choose to do studio shoots and work with flowers and designs you feel drawn to, you’re inventing in your own portfolio and experimenting with full creative control.

I also want to take a moment and explain that studio sessions are NOT styled shoots. How many of you have signed up to be the floral designer for a big styled shoot and wound up pouring a TON of your own money and time into something that wound up not even producing content you felt inspired enough to put on your website? Trust me, I have been right where you are and I feel your pain! Unlike style shoots, studio sessions allow you full control of every aspect of the color scheme and design, all while picking up new tricks of the trade and enjoying an inspiring atmosphere that will spur you towards new achievements.

As a floral designer, I also know the frustration of creating something magical, but not having a professional way to document it and share it with the world. That’s why I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Melody Stevenson of Melodic View Photography to professionally capture all of the designs you create during your studio session. Melody is a fellow flower-enthusiast who’s spent the last 3 years painstakingly photographing native Colorado blooms in addition to her 8 years in the wedding industry. You will leave our session with stunning, original content of your designs and creations to share with the world.

woman in a studio creating floral bouquets
floral designer in a black dress creating a floral arch for wedding

For New Floral Designers

If you are new to the industry, WELCOME! It is a beautiful business to decorate peoples’ lives with gorgeous pieces of nature and be able to bring their floral visions to life. But, there is also SO much to learn if you are just starting out!

When you’re just getting into the business, it’s a tall order to have a studio and a cooler to use and an environment with space to let your ideas run wild. That’s where my natural light, full-equipped floral studio comes in so handy, alongside my 20 years of horticulture expertise to guide you through the rocky beginner bumps.

We’ll order specific flowers you choose based on the color palette of your dreams and we’ll work 1 on 1 on bring your designs to life. Melody will be on hand to document each detail so you’ll have fabulous, quality content for your website and social media from the very beginning.

In addition to hours of hands-on experience with me during your studio session, when you hire me as your mentor, you’ll get resources I’ve spent hours creating detailing how to be a florist, along with lifetime access to video tutorials of education for centerpiece and bouquet creation and how to properly process your flowers. You can keep going to back to these resources since it’s tough to soak up all the education in one or two days!

florist clipping flowers from garden bush
florist holding small flower pieces to create a flower crown
florist holding a bunch of flowers in a warehouse

My Floral Background and Expertise

When you’re looking to invest in your education, you should absolutely be aware of your educator’s credentials and experience which is why I want to share a peek into my background and the path that led me to create Wild Blossoms Studio.

I fell in love with horticulture in high school and I knew very early on that it’s what I wanted to do with my life. During my first job in a flower shop, when I wasn’t making centerpieces or bouquets, I really had a chance to experiment. It was that formative experience that really allowed me to find my own style and voice and discover the driving force behind my love of this industry. I went on to earn my degree in Landscape Technology and Greenhouse Science which taught me the practical aspects of retail, wholesale, and supply chain. After collage, I spent 3 year working for wedding florist who taught me to have high standards for my work and myself – and offered me my first introduction into the wedding industry. I quickly become addicted to the excitement of wedding flower set up: taking a blank space and creating something beautiful that will really WOW people. It’s a good challenge that involves critical thinking, solving problems and functioning well under stress: all of the things I enjoy! This, along with the reward of seeing a beautiful idea come to life, really hooked me.

Before striking out on my own, I spent 7 years studying the more practical aspects of business at an herbal company. We cooked down bulk herbs and pressed them into oils and bottled them for new and expectant mothers. I started at the bottom of the food chain packing boxes and worked my way up to production manager. This experience gave me the vital skills to work with teams, create and execute large scale projects, source different vendors, communicate with large manufactures, along with general management and mastery of how supply chains work. This period of time was SO helpful in learning just how to create and maintain a successful business. I used the money I made at that company to buy out a fading floral business and turn it into Wild Blossoms Studio.

woman with dark hair creating a pink flower crown on glass head
floral designer creating a flower arch for wedding in a colorado field with stormy skies
florist working with an autumn dahlia centerpiece

What You Can Expect

I have spent the last 20 years vigorously pursuing expertise in flowers and in business and I’ve come to the point where I want to share all that I’ve learned and experienced with other upcoming and established floral designers.

My floral intensive and mentorship will include: floristry 101, design guidance, sustainable methods, industry standards, product development and a product photo shoot with the option to add on branding photography (featuring yourself as the floral artist) and a mini styled shoot. If you are more established, we can customize the experience to lean towards more ambitious projects like creating larger installations or more creative options like floral tattoos.

When you book, I will send two separate video links with lifetime access: one bouquet tutorial with instructions on how to create a spiral bouquet and one centerpiece tutorial on how to create artful table centerpiece arrangements. These are a great precursor to our 1 on 1 instruction and a resource to refer back to at any time.

Below I’ve detailed what you can expect during each day of the Floral Mentorship. (Lunch is included on both days.)

Day 1

Day 1 will begin with a deep dive into industry standards: all the things you must know including pricing structure, suggested varieties, and wholesale sources. PDF’s of each unit will be provided which are also greats tool for you to take home and study.

After the industry deep-dive, you will receive hands-on experience as we create bouquets together using the spiral method and also a centerpiece using an armature. These are yours to take home and practice with.

During Day 1, we will also coordinate your second day (3-4 weeks in the future) for you to return to my studio for an immersive day of designing and photography. The month-long gap gives you time to really soak in all the information and practice to build your confidence prior to your second day.

Together we will create a color palette, mood board, and design recipe for your second day to ensure we curate, purchase and feature flowers that represent your style and really bring your brand to life.

Day 2

Prior to Day 2, I will have processed your flowers and prepared all the necessary items. Day 2 will be a time for you to have fun and create your own designs. I will be present to guide and assist as you work through each creation. Together we can capture all of the elements of what makes your process and your designs special. All of the flowers and containers are yours to keep; let me take care of the rest!

Day 2 of your floral intensive includes a photo shoot by Melodic View Photography. This offers you the chance to have your products and process documented so you’ll be ready to create brand awareness over all social media and website platforms. A gallery of product images of the designs you create is included in the mentorship, but you have the opportunity to add on professional headshots and photographs of yourself bringing your floral designs to life. Instantly expand and enrich your online content and feature the artist behind the designs with 2 additional hours of photography during Day 2 of yourself and your products and the process of you creating them. Melodic View Photography offers a wide range of beautiful dresses if you would like to incorporate different looks throughout your day. You can even add on an outdoor styled shoot: we will secure a gorgeous model and outdoor location so you can have authentic photographs of your beautiful designs in the wild.

Reach out today to begin brainstorming your Floral Mentorship and Branding Session!

florist tying off a large spiral bouquet with colorado spring flowers
woman teaching a floral design mentorship
woman in sunglasses holding a large bunch of flowers to create a wedding bouquet