Pressed Flower Art FAQ

Here are some questions and answers related to Pressed Flower Art. It will answer some of the more common questions asked.

What are my framing choices?2020-06-23T21:06:43-06:00

I like to approach each project on an individual basis. However I do offer basic parameters: two styles of framing, the Modern Botanical or Classic with Float Mount. A variety of color choices: gallery black, bone white, natural maple, oak with charcoal, rosewood, or pecan stain. In addition I love the look of wrought iron and iron frames.

Which flowers work best for pressing?2020-06-23T21:06:43-06:00

Small open roses, rose petals, peony/petals, poppies, ranunculus, anemone, clematis, larkspur, delphinium, queen Ann’s lace, asrantia, tulip petals, lily petals, and many types of leaves in all different colors. It’s best to have a wide variety of smallish local blooms.

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