DIY Vase Arrangement

Follow the DIY steps and illustrations to create your own beautiful holiday vase floral arrangement.

Step 1

Get the flowers!

Purchase Focal Flowers, Accent Flowers, and Greenery from your local florist shop or grocery store. I prefer to support the small shops but have found decent blooms at the grocery store. Don’t be afraid to use your trees and shrubs! I cut blue spruce branches from my property, trimmed them, removed the needles that would be under water, and washed them to use in this arrangement.

Step 2

Prep work

After you have collected your ingredients pick a vase! Add fresh water with the correct amount of floral preservative to a clean vase. The clean vase and preservative are essential to the longevity of your flowers. Condition your flowers by trimming them under water. Remove bruised or dead leaves and blossoms to prevent ethylene damage. Also remove leaves that will be under water in your vase, they will cause decay and your flowers won’t last as long.

Step 3

Anchor the arrangement

First I added 2 Viburnum branches on opposite sides of the vase. Then I added 2 more branches, notice how the first 4 stems cross over each other to create a grid like pattern. This helps with the structure and form of your arrangement, they will act as anchors for the rest of the stems added.

Step 4

Fill in the gaps

Following the same grid pattern, I added Agonis greenery to fill in the gaps between the Viburnum and create a nice collar around the rim of the vase and added most of the focal flowers, Roses and Tulips, in groupings of three. Making sure to keep with my grid pattern.

Step 5

Final Adjustments

I pulled out the greenery a bit to add some length and made sure I liked the positions of my focal flowers. Check your grid, make sure the stems are not crossing in weird directions it will make it harder in the end.  I added my accent flower the peach Spray Rose and the rest of my focal flowers. The general rule is to keep your lighter colors a bit taller than your dark colors to add depth to your arrangement. I tucked the Smilax berries in around the rim of my arrangement, I love the texture they added. Finally, I finished off with adding the Blue Spruce and fall Spirea, following the grid to fill in and prop up the focal flowers.

Step 6


Enjoy you’re beautiful arrangement! We can’t wait to see what you create make sure to tag @wildblossomsstudio on Instagram or #NorthernColoradoFloralDesign on Facebook!

Enjoy creating lovely floral designs!

Best Wishes, Elycia