Floral Preservation FAQ2018-05-18T18:58:46-06:00

Floral Preservation

Can you preserve my flowers if I don’t live in the Fort Collins area?2018-06-03T17:41:54-06:00

Yes! Follow the instructions below.

Client Process
1. Visit my shopping page – Shop Now
2. Choose investment options.
3. Wild Blossoms will ship a custom box, packing paper, return label for shipment back to Wild Blossoms, and instructions for sending fresh flowers.
4. We will then email conformation of your order along with an estimated time slot for completion.
5. The day after your event package and ship your flowers via United States Postal Service; using the box and return label provided.

* Please Plan at least 2 weeks ahead
* Average turn around for finished and framed art is 2-3 months

Artist Process
1. Upon arrival, I will inspect shipment then email any job notes.
2. Deconstruct each flower for pressing.
3. Create art and photograph finished piece.
4. Frame and Ship, either Fed Ex or USPS depending on specifications. Insurance and tracking numbers will be provided.

What options are offered?2018-06-03T17:42:51-06:00

I offer 4 different designs in different sizes 14×14, 12×16, 16×20, and 20×28. Each piece is custom framed in either the Modern Botanical style or the Classic w/ Float Mount Style. Gallery black  is offered for the Classic with Float style only. Bone white, natural maple, oak in charcoal, rosewood, or pecan stained. If you have something particular in mind, please send me a picture to reference.

How do you create your art work?2018-06-03T17:43:34-06:00

In short, we deconstruct the blooms and press them. Once dried, we then arrange them to create a one-of-a-kind design.

What materials are used?2018-06-03T17:44:32-06:00

To create my Pressed Floral Art I use white, water color paper, cold pressed, 140lb-300lb depending on the size of art, and lots of glue!

Can I send you already pressed flowers to create a piece of art?2017-06-25T11:00:52-06:00

Yes sounds fun! Please visit my shop and refer to the preservation item. When you submit your order make sure to let me know you will be sending already pressed flowers. I will confirm options and answer any questions you may have by email, orders are processed on Tuesday. Pressed flowers can be sent in layers between sheets of vellum, enclose vellum with pressed flowers between to sheets of card board, then tape around cardboard. Make sure vellum and cardboard are cut to fit your shipping envelope or box. We look forward to working on your special project!

Which flowers work best for pressing?2017-05-26T10:46:32-06:00

There are so many but here are a few: Rose, Anemone, Cosmos, Clematis, Larkspur, Tulip, Lily, and many types of leaves.