Event Services FAQ2018-05-18T18:55:56-06:00

 Event Services

Do you offer event planning services?2018-06-07T20:17:54-06:00

At this point Wild Blossoms Studio does not offer event planning services. However we do work with many talented event planners and would love to help connect you with your dream team!

Do you rent vases and other props?2018-06-03T17:38:58-06:00

Yes, we can rent vases and other props at a 30% rental and restocking fee. A check or credit card number will be held until items are returned. Items will need to be returned within one week after your event.

How do I book my event with Wild Blossoms?2018-06-03T17:40:30-06:00

Please visit our contact page and submit the form to receive more information.

Am I able to request a special flower?2018-06-03T17:46:04-06:00

The complex modern floral industry makes it possible to extend the availability of many blooms. We can research vendors and greenhouses to find particular flowers. It is best to either pick flowers that are in season at the time of your event OR to plan your event according to the season of your desired flower.

How do I extend the life of my flowers?2018-06-03T17:49:28-06:00

At event: We arrange and deliver flowers at their peak moment, and they will certainly look beautiful for a whole day. They can be enjoyed after your event, please refer to the question above for instructions.

After event: To extend the life of your flowers after the event, cut them at an angle under running water. Refresh vase and water each day and place flowers away from maturing fruit which releases the ripening gas “ethylene

How long does it take to set up an event?2018-06-03T17:50:27-06:00

Depending on the intricacy and size of the design, it takes from 2-5 hours.

Do you have a minimum flower order?2018-06-03T17:50:57-06:00

It is important to us to help everyone achieve their wish within their own budget. We do charge extra for delivery and set up at 50¢ per mile outside the Fort Collins area and $50 per hour for one person, $75 per hour if two people are needed.

What percentage of my wedding budget should be set aside for flowers?2018-06-03T17:51:23-06:00

The average is 10% of the total budget.