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 Event Services

Do you offer event planning services?2019-07-07T00:33:47-06:00

At this point Wild Blossoms Studio does not offer event planning services. However we do collaborate with many talented event specialists and would love to help connect you with your dream team!

Do you rent your inventory?2019-07-07T15:23:08-06:00

Yes, I can rent vases, arches, chalk boards, candles and much more. You can rent most everything you will need for your flowers through Wild Blossoms. It’s also a great idea to use or purchase a few special containers for you to keep that compliment your style.

Itemized rental costs are included within your proposal. A check or credit card number will be held until items are returned. Items will need to be returned clean within one week after your event.

How do I book my event with Wild Blossoms?2019-07-07T15:26:39-06:00

Please visit our contact page and submit the form to receive more information.

Once I have received your info we can schedule a 1 on 1 consultation so we can go over your plans in person or by phone. We’ll brainstorm how to bring your vision to life! After your initial consult, you will be provided with a detailed proposal including inspirational images, descriptions for each itemized requirement, a contract, and a logistical plan for day-of delivery and set up.

To reserve the services of Wild Blossoms Studio, the contract must be signed, a 20% non-refundable retainer paid, and a valid credit card number must be placed on file. The retainer will be applied to your final balance. Payment can be made in the form of check, bank transfer, and credit card.


Am I able to request a special flower?2019-07-07T15:13:41-06:00

My horticulture and floral design expertise along with my contacts throughout the industry ensure that the flowers for your event are the finest and freshest available. I source specialty blooms from top-notch growers and wholesalers and have a network of prime foraging areas. While we have the ability to purchase flowers from all over the world, I make an effort to source American-grown flowers, many of which are from local vendors and gardens.

It is best to either pick flowers that are in season at the time of your event or plan your event according to the season of your desired flower.

How do I extend the life of my flowers?2019-07-07T15:30:25-06:00

To extend the life of your flowers; give the stems a fresh cut at an angle under water. Refresh vase and water each day. Display flowers away from maturing fruit which release the ripening gas called ethylene also out of direct sun.

Consider pressed flower art as a way of extending the life of your flowers. 

How long does it take to set up an event?2019-07-07T01:24:00-06:00

Depending on the intricacy and size of the design it can take from 3-6 hours.

Do you have a minimum flower order?2019-07-07T15:06:41-06:00

These minimum financial commitments were put into place to ensure that the design aesthetic of my studio is protected and that the florals of your event are executed to the highest standards. Please note that certain venues may require higher minimums due to difficulties associated with delivery, setup and security. Additionally, some venues in Larimer County, Co. and some events that are held in the ‘off-peak’ season may allow for a lower minimum financial investment.

The Custom Experience begins at $2500

The Seasonal Experience begins at $1,500

Floral Preservation Packages Start at $500

How much should I budget for wedding flowers?2019-07-07T01:29:44-06:00

The average is 10% of your total wedding budget.