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Do you offer event planning services? 2017-09-16T09:16:19+00:00

Yes! Wild Blossoms Studio is happy to offer event planning services for floral design clients who book their flowers with us. We’d love to learn more about your event. By scheduling a 30 minute phone consultation, we can access your needs and tell you about the event planning services we are currently offering. We are currently serving Northern Colorado, including but not limited to Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont & Boulder.

Do you rent your vases? 2017-06-25T09:58:48+00:00

Yes, I can rent vases at a 30% rental and restocking fee. I can also rent from larger event companies. A deposit check will be held until items are returned. Items will need to be returned within one week after your event.

How do I book my event with Wild Blossoms? 2017-06-25T10:17:41+00:00

Visit my consultation pages and submit your information. We will then give you a call to go over details. At our initial consultation 1/3 of your total floral budget will be required as a deposit. Deposit books your date and begins the proposal process. Please see my contracts in the client portal for more information.

Can you get any flower request? 2017-06-25T11:07:55+00:00

We try our best, but it often depends on season. If you love a certain flower pick your date based on that flower’s season. There is a wide variety of growers, greenhouses, and distributors to work with;  it’s part of my job to research and connect with them. The complex modern floral industry has made in possible to extend seasons and create more variety throughout the year. It still best to choose flowers based on the season, the bounty is right!

If I wanted to extend the life of my flowers after the event- what should I do? 2017-05-08T09:10:12+00:00

You should recut your flowers at an angle under water, then provide a clean vase with fresh water daily. Keep flowers away from fruit, maturing fruit releases a “ripening” gas called ethylene.

Pending intricacy in design, how long does it take to set up? 2017-05-08T09:06:58+00:00

Generally speaking- 2-5 hours.

How long will the flowers at my event last? 2017-05-08T09:09:04+00:00

Your flowers will look great for the event and will certainly be enjoyed afterwards. Vase life depends on specific varieties. Certain event flowers are arranged in open stages; allowing for their full potential to be enjoyed at your event.

What does a $1,500 floral budget get you? 2017-06-25T11:19:24+00:00

Depends on your style and flower choice. On average about 3 custom bouquets, 3 boutonnieres, 10 lush centerpieces, delivery within 1 hour is included.

Delivery radius will start from the following address:

3829 W. Cleveland Ave. Wellington, Co. 80549

Po box 92

What percentage of my wedding budget should be set aside for flowers? 2017-05-08T09:04:01+00:00

The average is about 10%.

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