Dried Flower Wreath Tutorial

Join us in creating a lovely floral preservation wreath

Designing a wreath is an innovative way to preserve your most memorable plants and flowers. Living in Colorado, we are blessed to have such a bounty of beautiful foliage provided from nature. Harvesting ingredients for your wreath yourself can always be more meaningful, but there are also so many amazing flower markets and local farms to source your floral products from.

For harvest time, holiday time, and anytime, wreaths are sure to brighten up any space. There is sure to be a lasting impression when you gift a handmade wreath. Follow along this simple step-by-step process to create your own wreath masterpiece.

Not the crafting type? Not to worry, we have plenty of pre-made wreaths available in the shop. Link at the bottom of the page!


Natural Grapevine Wreath Base- You can source these from Michaels, local craft stores, or your wholesaler. They come in all different sizes. For this wreath in particular we used a 6". You can also create a wreath base yourself by foraging vines and tying them together in a circular shape.


Begin by gluing in the foliage. You will want a glue that dries clear. Be sure to place the foliage at an angle, all going in the same direction so that the wreath has a balanced, flowing look.


Layer in your foraged materials. For this wreath we used 4 different types of foraged grasses and seed pods. Pictured is Burdock.


You will want to place the greens and grasses in the back and work forward with the more fragile accents.
Poppy Pods
Bunny Tail
Baptisia Pods


Layer in your focal flowers next. We chose a blushy coral spray rose for this wreath.


Lay your wreath down on a flat surface to ensure it has a nice balance. Hang your wreath on the wall or a door, stand back, evaluate and see if it needs anything more.


Enjoy your finished product!


Be sure to tag us @WildBlossomsStudio we would love to see what you create!