Bouquet Preservation Art

The day is over, the people have gone, but the memory can last forever. 

One of the floral design services I am most passionate about is using your flowers to create a tangible memory. My signature process involves turning pressed flowers into a one-of-a-kind art piece that complements your style and stands out as a décor piece in your home. Alternatively, most arrangements can be worked into a beautiful dried wreath. I am proud to be one of the few studios to offer this unique service and can preserve bouquets from weddings anywhere in the US.


“The flowers were my favorite part of the entire wedding décor! Words can’t describe how beautiful my bouquet was. I’m excited to keep it as an art piece hanging on the wall for years and years to come.”

vibrant wedding bouquet flowers pressed into wall art

About Floral Preservation

Each project takes a minimum of 4 months from start to finish to allow time for the flowers to cure and to work through the creative design process. I create each art piece using the flowers from your bouquet that look the best, have retained their color, and have interesting textures and shapes. In a sense, I let the flowers tell me what to do. I find that my most sought- after preservation designs are from the fresh bouquets that I create myself for your wedding. All of my artwork is mounted to glass or worked into dried wreaths depending on the blooms. 

Let’s Talk Logistics

If your event took place outside of Northern Colorado, I will send you a shipping kit with everything you need to get your flowers safely to me within 24-48 hours after your wedding. I’ve also created a video with complete Shipping Instructions. I can receive shipped bouquets from anywhere in the continental United States. 

If you’re within range, I am happy to arrange a courier service to pick up your bouquet and deliver it to my studio. I use a courier service who will come to you, pick up your flowers and drive them to my north Fort Collins/Waverley studio. Courier rates for the greater Denver area are typically $120 flat rate. You can also feel free to schedule a time to drop off your bouquet yourself at my studio. 

A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to guarantee your spot on my botanical collage calendar.

Caring for Your Flowers

Caring for your flowers after your event make sure flowers are in fresh clean water. Keep flowers away from direct sun. Store in a cool dry area. Careful not to freeze flowers in a household refrigerator. Flowers should be kept away from ripening fruits that release ethylene gas.

When your flowers arrive I will unpack and inspect. I will update you on the quality and begin to deconstruct the design into individual blossoms, petals, and leaves. These bits are strategically placed in the flower press between sheets of vellum paper. Once pressed and dried, I arrange them to create a one-of-a-kind design. Custom projects welcome! Each project takes a minimum of 4 months from start to finish.

pink and red bouquet pressed into wall art

Preservation Options

Wood Framed Art

  • 16×20 Solid Wood Frame and each piece is created to archival standards with non-reflective museum quality glass:  $1200
  • Wood Choices: Ebonized Walnut, Bone White, Pecan, Natural Maple, Nickel, Soft Gold, Gunmetal or Champagne. 

*You can add on wood framed 12×16 companion pieces for $750 each. You will need additional flowers from the event like an arch piece, centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquet.

Wrought Iron Frames

  • Four 6×6 wrought iron botanical frames:  $600


  • Dried Floral & Greenery Wreaths 6”- 12”with a natural grapevine wreath base:  $500

*You can add on wreaths as companion pieces to any framed project. You will need additional flowers from the event.

Let’s Make Art!

If you are ready to move forward, I would LOVE to create some beautiful, lasting art with your wedding blooms. Simply click the link below, fill out the preservation form and I will contact you to settle on all the details over the phone!

Click here to tell me more about your project.